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WordPress Day to Day

Don’t be bogged down with managing your web site. Leave it to an expert and claim back your day.

Content Posting

Each page and post carefully crafted to make sure it shines, with shares to social media taken care of where needed.

Day to Day Needs

Small changes, updates, small fixes, edits and all those little things hidden in the WordPress menu

Daily Check

A daily check to make sure everything is running smoothly and alert you to any issues that should be handled immediately.

Security, Backup, & Emergency

Make sure your WordPress web site is safe from attack and properly backed up in case the worst happens.


Ensure that your site is safe and secure from hackers, and other people who should not have access.


A regular backup of your site to a secure location to ensure that nothing is lost should the worst happen.


Sometimes things go wrong. If your site goes down, I will find out why and lead getting it back up and running.


The answer is not always in the WordPress Dashboard. Sometimes, you have to go under the hood.

New Web Sites

Brand new WordPress-based web sites from scratch, delivered in turn-key condition.


Customisations and tweaks of your WordPress theme and plugins to make sure they are working for you.


Painlessly move sites from one host to another or migrate a non-WordPress site into WordPress.


The whole point of WordPress is to make it easy to deliver great content. So you’ll need great content.

Blog Posts


Great blog posts that inform, entertain, or both. Deliver real value to your current and future customers.

SEO Content

A proper approach to search engine friendly content. No SEO tricks, just a customer-centric approach that meets the standards of Google and Bing.

Landing Pages


If you are running keyword based campaigns you need great landing pages that convert and contribute to your SEO.