When Your Staff Really Screw Up on Facebook

Campaign Asia reports on a story today about a Facebook brewhaha that went from a simple complaint to all out social media war.

On Friday, customer Ee-Lyn Law posted a feedback comment on the pastry shop’s Facebook wall complaining of being treated poorly by the shop’s service staff and suggesting that the store label its confections if staff members were annoyed by repeat enquiries.

The shop’s official response to her comment was: “If you have so much complaint… Please buy your desserts in Paris! You will see more attitudes… It will really KILL me to have the kind of customers like this!” [sic]

After which the Facebook page manager deleted the comment. Unfortunately for LDG, the a friend of Law had taken a screen-shot of her comment and the shop’s reply and Law reposted it, asking why they had taken down a valid complaint.

She was then told, “We have no time for bitches.”

Read the whole story for the fallout to date.

The question posed is how does one deal with this. In a situation this dire, my answer is this:

1. Any employee that publicly expresses sentiments like that about a customer should be terminated immediately. If your employment contract does not cover such gross misbehaviour then rewrite your employment contract.

2. The owner, or most senior person in the business, should apologise personally and directly. First, publicly, admitting fault, and describing the firm actions being taken to ensure it will not happen again; notably dismissal of staff concerned, and training on use of social media and interacting with customers.

A company can be forgiven for transgressing but the response has to be genuine, forthright, and fast.

And never, ever, EVER, delete complaints from Facebook or any other social media. That may be the biggest sin of all…..

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  1. Sean Clarke says:

    As a followup to this… an example of staff doing it right has gone viral – See this post – https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4767574347510&set=o.106027143213&type=1

    Look how many likes and shares that one post has had!!

    I often get cynical about these things because its all too easy to manufacture these stories, so I did some digging and it *appears* to be true (although could still be a clever marketing campaign) – http://www.ksl.com/?sid=24541540&nid=148&title=photo-of-chilis-waitress-fixing-childs-broken-cheeseburger-goes-viral&fm=home_page&s_cid=queue-1

  2. Phil Ingram says:

    Wow, that’s something else!

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