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Nino’s Cozinha – Plastic Portugese

Nino’s Cozinha – Plastic Portugese My wife and I fancied a quick bite out for lunch so we thought we would try one of the restaurants in the QRE tower which is very close to where we live. I picked Nino’s Cozhina for no other reason than I guessed it was Portugese and that sounded just the ticket at the time. As the lift door opens you are immediately thrust into the dining room. There is no entrance way as such. I am sure this is as...

That’s Life

Blow me down with a feather. Okay, back up a bit and let me explain my surprise. I eat meat. I love meat. No, I adore meat. My favourite meat is zebra. Are we in any doubt now? So I thought I was being extraordinarily brave when I agreed to have lunch with friends at Life Cafe. I have known about Life Cafe forever but I had, until today, never eaten in there. This is of course was because they don’t...

Red Soho – I think they tried to poison me

[This post was written 24 hours ago. I did not post it or saying anything further on Twitter because I am acquainted with someone at the holding company who asked me to wait as a favour, which I did. He also promised to call me yesterday. He did not. This leaves me with the distinct impression that suppressing bad news online/twitter/facebook was his primary consideration not attending to a very unhappy...
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